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Graces on Houston
digital print copy, 24x34
original oil here




View Across Newtown Creek, II
oil on wood panel, 16x24



Alice Oldendorff
watercolor, 14x20


Misty Morning, Gowanus Canal
watercolor, 14x20



The Funnel,
oil on canvas, 12x16

"The particular scene is special to me, exactly as you caught it. You have no idea how happy I was to discover that you'd done this painting and it was so full of life and so well done! - I actually worked at the sugar refinery when it was still called SuCrest.   I was an art student in Brooklyn and my job at SuCrest financed various of my bad habits, like eating.

I gazed at Lady Liberty from the pier in all weathers -  also out the Ladies Room window on the 5th floor of that office building - and loved the sky and water and the way she looked from there.  You can't imagine what a real and wonderful place the refinery was.   It was a beehive of activity, open around the clock, with living and breathing people coming there every day, living lives at that place and making sugar for the country, turning the sand-colored raw sugar that came in on ships that were unloaded on the dock, into more kinds of sugar than you probably know exist.  Part of the processing took place in that huge silver funnel.  

Endless lines of tanker trucks used to line up along that street to be filled with liquid invert sugars for the soda companies and candy makers and pharmaceutical industry; paper-wrapped 5# bags were hauled away for supermarkets everywhere and the consumer market; molasses was sent God knows where.    
Good people worked there.

I was long gone by the time it went out of business, teaching art in far away places, married and raising a family.  
It's so long ago that I'm retired now.   Yet I remember it clearly though it was only a brief period in my life. 

You caught a moment of the special beauty there.  Whatever drew you to the spot, it's clear you felt it too and were touched by it.  You caught it.  Please know this.  It's magical what happens between an artist's eye and hand." 

Written by the purchaser.









Atlantic and Vanderbilt, Brooklyn
pen and watercolor sketch, 5x8

Traded to Sergio Bitici



Van Dyke Street End
oil on canvas, 12x16


Mouth of the Gowanus Canal,
giclee archival print
of original watercolor , 14x20.



Statue From Pier 41, oil on canvas, 18x24


The Dining Room, 30x40
giclee archival print

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